March Heritage Month of Cultural Clothes

Iraq. As the month of March has started and with Spring around the corner, Sardar Group and employees have started the annual tradition of wearing Cultural Clothing on every Thursday during the month of March. The idea of this tradition of many years is to wear local traditional clothes to show each employee’s heritage and the diversity amongst the employees of Sardar Group. Employees from the northern region wear the traditional two-piece men and women Kurdish clothes while in the south and central of Iraq employees showcase their customary clothing of Dishdasa and Egal. In addition to the local employees, many Sardar Group employees from other countries also wear their traditional clothes from India, Pakistan, European and Asian countries creating a rich multi-ethnic setting.

Sardar Group’s employees come from all walks of life and different parts of the world, however, all employees work together using a simple slogan that has become the heart of our operations, “One Team, One Aim.”

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