Fukushima Sakura Mori Project 2020

Erbil, Iraq – 6 February 2020, Sardar Group held its annual Sakura Tree Planting Ceremony at Sakura Park in Erbil. The Planting Ceremony marked the 2nd annual FUKUSHIMA SAKURA MORI Projects global imitative in Iraq and was attended by high governmental officials: Dr. Bashir Khalil Haddad – Deputy Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, Mr. Kamal Muslim - Minister of Trade & Industry, Mr. Abdul Wahid - Director of the Erbil Municipality, His Excellency Japan Consul to Erbil Mr. Katsumi Moriyasu and many other guests.

This year’s Tree Planting Ceremony marks the 4th year in a row that Sardar Group has imported Sakura Trees from Japan. Since 2016, Sardar Group has brought over 1000 Sakura Trees from different prefectures of Japan such as Yamagata, Kyoto and Fukushima. Since 2016, the Sakura trees have been distributed to many regions in Iraq to include Baghdad, Erbil, Suliamani and Dohuk for all Iraqi’s to enjoy. It is Sardar Group’s aim is to spread the beauty of the Sakura Trees to all regions of Iraq that have suitable conditions for the trees to grow and we would like the Iraqi people to feel closer to Japan and Japanese people through it’s beautiful blooming which will come soon.

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