Mr. Daisuke Nakano of TOTO Middle East visits Erbil

Erbil – Iraq. On 9 Jul, 2019, Mr. Daisuke Nakano - General Manager, Toto Asia Oceania (Middle East Branch) TOTO visited Iraq for the first time. The visit to Erbil will be considered as an historical event in the TOTO timeline, as Mr. Nakano is the first ever person from the TOTO Corporation to visit Iraq. Mr. Nakano, accompanied by TOTO staff from Erbil and Baghdad spent his short time in Iraq visiting the markets, comparing products and his understanding on how to improve TOTO’s contribution to the development of increasing the sanitary quality in Iraq.
Also during Mr. Nakano’s visit, he met with Mr. Sardar Al-Bebany – CEO Chairman of Sardar Group, Mr. Shinsuke Fujimoto – CEO of Toyota Iraq, Mr. Salar Al-Bebany – Managing Director of SAS Automotive Services and enjoyed visiting the many historical sites of Erbil to include the ancient Citadel.
Sardar Group commits to contribute to the Iraqi society through TOTO business by improving sanitary-standards of Iraq and supporting children, women, elderly and injured persons. TOTO Japan and Middle East understands the Corporate Vision of Sardar Group and are providing their best support to us.
Sardar Group will open a new TOTO Showroom after the first one launched in Baghdad in 2017. The new showrooms will be coming soon to Erbil and Sulaymaniyah.

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