Mr. Sardar Al-Bebany invited to IBBC Reception Dinner in the honor of H.E. Dr. Barham Salih

London, England. On June 26, 2019, Mr. Sardar Al-Bebany was invited to attend a reception dinner hosted by the Iraqi Britain Business Council (IBBC) in honor of H.E. Dr Barham Salih, President of the Republic of Iraq and a number of high-ranking government ministers at the Royal Air Force Club in Piccadilly, London. In addition, President Dr. Salih was also joined by a delegation of Iraqi officials and businessmen including, Mohamed Ali Abdelamir Mhmood Alhakim, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Aladin Abdulsahib Hasan Alwan, Minister of Health and the Environment. Dr Qusay Abdul-Wahab Abboud Al-Suhail, Minister of Higher Education, Dr Salih Husain Ali, Dr Fallah Alamri, Advisor to the Ministry of Oil, Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to UK. Rupert Soames, Chief Executive Officer of Serco was present, as was Brigadier James Ellery, Chairman of Turnkey.

President Dr. Barham Salih addressed IBBC and its members after dinner, emphasizing Iraq’s potential for the future, as well as his optimism for its economic prospects. Having worked alongside IBBC since 2009, President Dr Salih praised the organization’s work, and congratulated it for all it had been able to achieve. During the visit, Mr. Sardar and President Dr. Salih spent a generous amount of time together along with UK officials discussing the current situations and how to further bridge-the-gap between Iraq and the United Kingdom.