Beautiful Sakura’s Blooming in Iraq

The majestic Sakura Tree is a National symbol in Japan and graces every place with its colors and natural beauty. Since 2015, as part of Sardar Group’s social contribution in Iraq and to show our commitment in strengthening the bond and relations between Iraq and Japan, over 800 Sakura Trees have been planted all over Iraq. The Sakura Trees have been planted in parks, schools, universities, government buildings and many other public areas for the people in Iraq to enjoy.

These baby Sakura Trees have been brought to Iraq from the Kyoto, Yamagata, and Fukushima Provinces. Many of them are from Northern part of Japan where people had fatal damage from large earthquake and Tsunami in 2011. There was message from Japan to encourage each other to overcome each difficulties, by understanding each other and blessing growth of baby Sakura tress in Iraq together.

After 3 years, in Spring of 2018, the first blooming of the Sakura flower was seen in Iraq. Now in 2019, many more Sakura flowers have started to bloom here as well as all over the world and Japan. We would like to enjoy these beautiful Sakura flower and to wish for the beautiful future of our kids together.

Please enjoy Sakura photo in Iraq and in Japan. It’s blooming now!!!