Toyota Iraq and Sardar Group participates in the “FUKUSHIMA SAKURAMORI Project”

Erbil, Iraq __ January 26th, 2019 __ Toyota Iraq and Sardar Group held a Sakura tree (Cherry Tree) planting ceremony at Sakura Park in Erbil as a part of participation in the "FUKUSHIMA SAKURAMORI Project with the participation of high governmental officials and media platforms.

After the Great East Japan Earthquake hit on March 11th, 2011, FUKUSHIMA SAKURAMORI Project was planned and begun as a part of its recovery plan to spread Fukushima’s distinctive Sakura to all corners of the globe, displaying Fukushima’s rich natural beauty to future generations, in the hopes of forging stronger bonds with other towns and cities. The Sakura of Fukushima is delivered to volunteers (individuals or corporations), to plant and grow it. This Project is a global initiative for raising awareness of “FUKUSHIMA’s Recovery” and “FUKUSHIMA Children’s Dreams”. Mr. Shinsuke Fujimoto, Chief Executive officer of Toyota Iraq commented on this special occasion “Sakura (Cherry Blossom) is very symbolic flower to Japanese people, like narcissus to Iraqi/Kurdistan people. We believe the power and energy of flowers, which enables our life happier with smile. With this Sakura, we would like to provide more happiness and excitement to Iraqi people and to contribute to our society”.

Mr. Sardar Al Bebany, President of Toyota Iraq, further explained the purpose of this project and said “We seek to develop the horizons of Iraqi-Japanese friendship and enrich local thought and heritage with Japanese culture through such projects. As the Sakura tree in Japan symbolizes the Palm tree in Iraq, it has led us to plant them in the land of Iraq, as an expression of interest and consideration of the State of Japan, the government, people and institutions, and thus we seek to melt the two cultures in a symbolic crucible” Through participating in this project, Toyota Iraq and Sardar Group would like to show sympathy with Japan after the Great East Japan Earthquake, as Iraq itself has gone through many unfortunate disasters. This project is another step toward creating a stronger bond between the two countries, Iraq and Japan.

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