Sardar Group Welcomes 2019 at Sakura Park

Located behind SAS Automotive Services – Authorized Toyota Dealer, on 100-meter road in Erbil. Sardar Group, at is expense built the Sakura Park. Sardar Group celebrated the completion of Sakura Park one year ago on 17 December 2016, in the presence Officials of the Regional Government and Japanese Embassy diplomats headed by Mr. Takahiro Tezuka, First Secretary. The essence behind the construction of the 4 dunam Park is reflected by the planting of the Japanese Sakura Trees, which is a vivid embodiment of the project’s spirit. The spirit of Sakura Tree resembles and symbolizes the spirit of the Japanese Samurai fighters. Also, Sakura Park is an example of the desire to strengthen the friendship between Iraq and Japan. After the completion of the park, it was handed over to the municipality of Erbil as part of Sardar Groups Social Contribution.

The atmosphere of the park is enjoyable for everyone. The park contains many water features leading to a large central fountain surrounded by Japanese Sakura Trees. In addition, the entire park is illuminated with beautiful lights and decorations designed and engineered specifically for the park and its surroundings. Today, more lighting and features have been added to celebrate 2019 for guests to enjoy. Mr. Sardar Hussain Hassan, Chairman of Sardar Group said, “the completion of the park constitutes a service and iconic facility that will create an aesthetic appearance in an important suburb of Erbil. At the same time, it is also available to all visitors alike. There is no doubt that we are pleased to do this for the community.”

Sardar Group has planted over 400 Sakura Trees that have been brought all the way from Japan to Iraq for the first time. The Sakura Trees have been planted in parks, universities and other areas of Kurdistan, Iraq because the climate is perfect for its growth. Sakura Tree cannot live in warmer areas. The Sakura Tree is the link between the development of the relationship of Iraq and Japan and its beautiful color is distinct when it blooms in Spring in Kurdistan.

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