Mobile Medical Unit Project in Iraq

On 15 July, 2018, Sardar Group, as a part of its social contribution to the Iraqi Society participated alongside Sumitomo Corporation and the Iraqi Red Crescent Society in launching the “Mobile Medical Unit Project in Iraq.” The Mobile Medical Unit are powered by customized 700 Series Heavy Duty Hino Trucks (20 Tons). Hino, a full range diesel truck manufacturer of Japan, is part of the Toyota Group and is a leading producer of medium and heavy-duty diesel trucks globally.

Repeated conflict and fighting against terrorist organizations in Iraq have dealt tremendous blows to the Iraqi populace, and the number of internally displaced persons (hereinafter, “IDPs”) who have temporarily escaped or been evacuated from their homes exceeds three million. Even with the fighting now deemed over, large numbers of IDPs remain stuck in dire circumstances. Iraq hosts refugees not only from domestic conflicts but from the Syrian civil war as well, making the situation all the more serious.

The IDP camps suffer from shortages of even basic medical equipment and facilities. The Delivery will make it possible to provide basic medical care, including pediatric care and regular pre-natal examinations, at IDP camps. The ability of the mobile medical unit to move inside and outside the camps means that it can meet broader medical care needs. The Mobile Medical Units will provide various types of medical services to many Iraqi communities giving access to those who cannot reach proper services. In turn, this will also aid in increasing general health awareness, education and provide treatment to those in need. We at Sardar Group are making our best efforts to bridge the gap and bring together the Iraqi and Japanese communities forming a stronger relationship at every layer of society.

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