Al-Sardar Group Opens TOTO Japanese Showroom in Baghdad

On 24 March 2018, Sardar Group opened for the first time the TOTO Japanese Showroom located in the Al-Mansour District of Baghdad. The world-renown Japanese TOTO brand was established in 1917 with the inspiration to improve everyone’s quality of life through of Products that high-quality, eco-friendly, that is designed to improve the cleanliness and comfort. Today, after more than 100 years, TOTO is one of the global leaders in innovation and premier supplier of hygienic products and is now available in Iraq. Sardar Group’s aim is to aid in the advancement of the Iraqi society. To achieve this, Sardar Group is striving to improve the situation of sanitary standards in Iraq by introducing the most advanced Japanese technology and concepts. To do this, Sardar Group has become the Official Distributor of TOTO Japan. At the same time, we are focusing on the individuals and families who are aged, sick, pregnant, have a handicap and women to support their easier and healthier daily life through the products of “Washlet". TOTO Iraq is currently offering over 100+ varieties of TOTO products to fit every lifestyle. With a National Network of Sales and Aftersales Services in Iraq, TOTO products can be obtained for both personal or residential needs and commercial purposes such as Hotels, Hospitals, businesses, etc. TOTO’s main offices are located in Baghdad, Al-Mansour next to Dragh Mosque and Erbil in the SAS Automotive Services Toyota Showroom on 100 Meter Rd, across from Directorate of Passports.

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