Sakura Park Opening

On December the 17th Sardar Group opened the Sakura Park by a plantation event with attendants by senior representatives of the KRG that included Minister of Municipality, Minister of the Environment, Erbil Governor and several other Officials from the regional government.  Other attendants included the UAE General Consulate Mr. Rashid Al-Mansoori, Japanese Embassy diplomats headed by Mr. Takahiro Tezuka, First Secretary. Other business corporations such as Sumitomo Corporation and Toyota Iraq also participated also. One his side Erbil Governor thanked Sardar Group for the park that will further add beauty to Erbil.
As a social contribution from Sardar Group for the 2nd year 200 trees have reached to Iraq, this time from Kyoto the ancient capital of Japan to be planted in public areas. From those, 50 Sakura Trees will be planted in the Sakura Park that has an area of 10,000 m2 and is located on the Airport Street by Toyota Showroom. This act of friendship between Japan and Iraq begun from last year in December 2015 by bringing 200 trees for the first time to Iraq.
The park will be opened in resemblance to the friendship tie and in other memories of our noble Peshmerga fighters, as the Sakura Tree is nationally tied to their brave Samurai Spirit. In the upcoming 2-3 years, we can enjoy beautiful blossoms of the Sakura during spring season, we will have a spectacular view that Iraqi’s, Kurdish and Japanese people will celebrate together in Iraq and Kurdistan.

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