February 2013: Celebrating Newroz with a brand new Jaguar XK

Celebrating Newroz with a brand new Jaguar XK
Kurdistan Region: February 2013: Luxury automotive manufacturer Land Rover and Sardar Group in Iraq are proud to unveil the highly anticipated all-new Range Rover to the region.
The evening commenced with an iconic Range Rover exhibit giving guests an insight into the vehicle’s evolution throughout the years. Throughout the sensorial experience, guests were able to browse the options available should they choose to create a bespoke interior for the all-new Range Rover. Also available for their review was the much acclaimed Land Rover Icon Book, a coffee table book detailing the brand’s history, milestones and accomplishments in the region.
Mr. Sardar Al-Bebany, Chairman of Sardar Group added “The all-new Range Rover has already received an overwhelming response from customers in Iraq, with pre-orders far exceeding expectations. The Range Rover is a true icon which has attracted a loyal following, and with the introduction of the all-new Range Rover to our showrooms, we expect this to continue for many years to come.” The all-new Range Rover is available from February 9th 2012 in Sardar Group showrooms across Iraq.

February 2013 Celebrating Newroz with a brand new Jaguar XK

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